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Facts About Happiness

Everybody is talking about it and everybody wants it. But what exactly is happiness?
Happiness is subjective, which means that what makes you happy wouldn’t necessarily make someone else happy. It is about feeling that life is good and meaningful.
Here are some facts about happiness:

Great TV-Series to Binge (Part 2)

As you may know from my last post, I promised I would follow up with a second list of my favorite TV-series to binge. So, let’s get drinking and binging!

Great TV-Series to Binge (When You’ve Read All the Books in Your Bookshelf)

I’m a big fan of books. No surprise there. But once you have read all the books in your bookshelf (or re-read the best ones 10 times) you can find yourself contemplating how to pass your time. Especially if you are at home feeling sick, stuck in quarantine or just too exhausted to lift a finger. Perhaps there is no sunset to watch, you’re stuck in bad weather or it’s too cold to go outside and do stuff.
Allow me to present to you: Five Awesome TV-Series to Binge! Yup, these are some of my favorites, and yes, I bet that there are probably at least one that you’ll be fond of, too (different genres included here – I’m not a crazy person).

How to Sleep Better

Have you ever been really tired, but unable to fall asleep? Or maybe you have awakened several times during the night, even though you still feel exhausted and really, truly, need those extra hours before getting up? Well, I certainly have. And it sucks.
Here’s a checklist to help you sleep better:

Daily Sources of Happiness – How to Enjoy the Present

How often do you recognize the small things in life that bring you joy?

Maybe you find happiness in that tiny plant you bought a few weeks ago which suddenly seem to have grown inches, maybe it’s the smell of your freshly brewed coffee or that joke your co-worker recently told, which put a smile on your face in the midst of a boring work-task.

It can be difficult to recognize the tiny, happy moments in life when being focused on “the big picture”, always trying to do better, work faster, being more productive or exploring yourself and the world.

I know it may sound silly to some, but learning to appreciate the smaller joys in life will have a bigger effect on your mind and well-being than you might have thought.

How to Improve Communication Skills

Isn’t it nice when we are being understood and understand what others are saying?

Good communication is important, but sometimes it can be difficult. Communication is not only about talking; it is about listening, body language and voice tones.

Communication can make or break relationships, seal or destroy business deals and either make or break careers. So let’s dig a bit deeper into how we can improve our communication skills during difficult conversations.

The Importance of Motivation and How to Motivate Yourself

All of us know how important motivation is to get things done. We need to feel motivated to complete certain tasks we might otherwise put on hold. We might push uninspiring work-related tasks until last minute and when we do it, it is because we could lose our jobs otherwise.
Sometimes motivation seems to be too far away to reach, other times we are so motivated that we even end up in a so-called flow. Flow happens when we do things effortlessly and without realizing how long time we have spent immersed in it. We simply lose track of time.
When it comes to motivation, it is important to remember that it is not always so easy to motivate ourselves (or others) and the things that are easy to do in practice isn’t necessarily the most effective way.

The Power of Forgiveness and Acceptance

Most of us have probably at some point (or many) been hurt by someone by their actions or words. Maybe you were betrayed by a partner, maybe a family member did something hurtful or perhaps you were subjected to verbal abuse. Anger or resentment from these experiences are normal, maybe you even thought about how to get your revenge. I know I have. The bitterness or thoughts of vengeance are, however, not helpful.

How to Have a Healthier Body Image

What are your thoughts on your body? Is the first thing that comes to mind that you like it? Or even love your body?
A poor body image can affect someone in many ways, like work performances, in relationships and even in your overall life. Many times people have specific parts of their bodies that they don’t like, it can be something “small”, like their lips or nose. Or it can be the legs, arms or tummy.
Anyway, the point is not to talk too much about the bad side of this subject. I want to give you ideas on how to get a better body image.
Here are my ideas to feel better about your body:

How to Meditate and Why it Works

What is meditation? You have probably heard of it before but let’s dig into what exactly it is and why it’s such a good idea to do it on a daily basis. Meditation is about training your mind in awareness and attention. It’s about being in control of your thoughts and reactions. In the long run, it will decrease depression, anxiety and increase your brain’s alpha waves, which are associated with relaxation. Therefore, meditation is an excellent stress-reliever, think more clearly and actually train your brain. So what are the effects of meditation?

The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal

Remind yourself of the last time you felt truly grateful for something. Was it about a person in your life, being able to run or the kind gesture of a stranger?
Being grateful for something can come in many different shapes and forms. Gratitude is the emotion you express for something you appreciate having or getting. It’s about recognizing the value of something without its monetary worth. It can be described as a spontaneously feeling or an affirmation of goodness, it starts with noticing the good in your life.

What to do When Stuck at Home

Most of us have now experienced the toll that social distancing has taken on our minds. Although you feel like you would really, really love to get out and visit your friends and family, that may not be realistic and safe. In my previous blog post I wrote about not going insane and you may recognize some of my ideas from that post, but let me present to you a longer, more varied list to help you stay sane. So if you’re stuck at home, here is a list of things you can do in the meantime:

The Psychology of Positive Experiences

We all know that having positive experiences feels good. Maybe you have even heard that three positive emotional experiences counteract one negative emotional experience? Well, that may not exactly be true, but we do need positive experiences to flourish.

How to Stay Sane While Isolated

I know most of you are in some way affected by this Corona crisis. Many of you are living in quarantine and being isolated. Even if you’re not, you’re probably staying away from meeting up with friends and family for a while. So what can you do during this crazy time to stay sane?
Here are some ideas:

How to Boost Your Mood This Winter

So it’s that time of year. Once again, in the northern parts of the globe the days are short and dark. Hours of actually recognizing that warm, blinding light from our nearest star are fewer and your body’s lack of vitamin D makes you question all of your life’s decisions that made you end up in this part of the world.
Even though a move to a warmer, sunnier latitude seems like the most sensible decision, there are a few things you can do to make this time of the year more bearable.

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