Great TV-Series to Binge (Part 2)

As you may know from my last post, I promised I would follow up with a second list of my favorite TV-series to binge. So, let’s get drinking and binging!

(Non-alchoholic drinks, of course)

  • Grace and Frankie

These two find out about their husbands being more than just friends, so they try to find ways of coping with their divorces together, even if they don’t really like each other that much. This drama-comedy series was created by Martha Kauffman (remember Friends?) and Howard J. Morris. There are six seasons available on Netflix, so go ahead and enjoy Jane Fonda’s and Lily Tomlin’s funny and inspiring ways to create new lives.

  • Westworld

Set in an amusement park where you can do anything and everything you want. Sounds too good to be true? Yup. You’ve got robotic ”hosts” who look and act like humans, and the ultra-rich visitors can do whatever they want with the hosts, without any consequences. Just when you think you finally understand what’s going on, your mind will be blown, over and over again. Some of the talents you’ll see are Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris. Three seasons are available on HBO.

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is just a completely feel-good TV-series. Andy Samberg is both the producer of the series and acting as detective Jake Peralta. It follows the work and life of his colleagues in Brooklyn and their escapades. The tagline of the show is “The law. Without the order.” I highly recommend it for some laughter-filled evenings.

  • The Crown

Following the life of Queen Elizabeth the second, beginning at the start of her era at 25 years of age. The series tell the story of political rivalries, romances and events that shaped the country and the world at her reign. Claire Foy began portraying the Queen, but after three season Olivia Cole took over the role as the entire cast was swapped out to make them seem older. It is a very well produced TV-serie and you will learn a lot about history from watching it. Four seasons are available on Netflix.

  • White Collar

Let’s start by saying that you shouldn’t let the quality of the trailer keep you from watching this one. It’s exciting and funny and a great one to binge. It follows art-thief/forger Neal Caffrey, who is finally caught by the FBI after eluding them for years. However, he decide to offer the FBI information on other criminals in return for his freedom. Though agent Burke, who caught him, is skeptical, he make a deal and Neal becomes an informant. Although Neal doesn’t quite leave his criminal past behind, he manages to be an important resource for the FBI.

Let me know what you thought about the series in the comments, or if you have suggestions of other ones. Happy Binging!

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Great TV-Series to Binge (Part 2)

  1. Thank you for sharing it. Sometimes you just need to binge a good show to take a break from everything else. I like Westworld. Even if I have not watched every season yet.

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