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Do you often struggle to become motivated and inspired? Do you feel like you’ve lost your sense of wonder and adventure? Wouldn’t it be great if you could tap into that wonderful, exciting feeling of overwhelming inspiration on demand? Then keep reading!

Packed with a whopping 100 unique, memorable, and easy-to-do ideas which are specially designed to kickstart your inspiration and awaken your inner love of life, this book is ideal for those of us who want to experience more adventure and grab life by the horns. With a wealth of inspirational quotes from – you guessed it! – inspirational people, How To Find Inspiration is your ticket to harnessing that exciting, overwhelming feeling of positivity and motivation that you might have thought you’d never feel again.

Written by behaviourist and photographer Charlotte Lundqvist, you’ll also discover a collection of stunning and gorgeous photography to spark your imagination and renew your appreciation for the little things in life.

Book details:

  • Features 100 Fun and Creative Ideas Which Will Unlock Your Inspiration
  • Thoughtful Quotes From Famous Figures For You To Reflect On
  • A Wide Selection of Beautiful Photographs To Stir Your Imagination
  • Psychological Tips and Tricks For Becoming More Inspired
  • Makes a Perfect Gift For an Artist, Writer, or Creative Person In Your Life
  • And Much More!

No matter your goals, this delightful book is guaranteed to have an idea which will help you get your mind back on track and kick negativity to the curb! All of these ideas are simple and easy-to-do, meaning you can get started the second you finish reading!

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“The meaning of this book is to be your friend, to make you laugh, to make you think and to make you live your life a little bit happier. To be able to write it, I had to live it. To urge you to try the ideas, I had to try them first – and make sure they just weren’t some abstract thoughts. By using my psychological knowledge and insights, my sense of adventure and my days of boredom – and how to get out of that dissatisfactory state of mind – I could put together this book of 100 ideas to find inspiration.

It’s basically a collection where I share my experiences as a friend, urging you to go beyond your own ways of thinking and exploring new ideas to live your life to feel more inspired. The book is focused on the positive aspects and possibilities of life and should leave you with a feeling of hopefulness.

I wish you the best on your journey to newfound inspiration and hope it will keep you company in your daily lives, adventures and travels!”

– Charlotte Lundqvist, the author


“Search no more, this book is it! When inspiration feels distant and hard to find, the writer kindly invites You to a smorgosbord with 100 ways to 
find a real treasure of inspiration at the end of the rainbow. All of them very practical and hands-on. Proven to work by the writer herself.
    A nonwhimsical book, but still a joy to read and explore. The writer is very personal and her positive attitude is charming and captivating. 
She promises that inspiration always will be there for You. And I believe her. In 100 ways!” – Jan S


“I loved it. I read it on my way to work and it always gave me new energy. Will definitely go back to it and read it again!” – Anna

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How to Find Inspiration is available here!