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Great TV-Series to Binge (Part 2)

As you may know from my last post, I promised I would follow up with a second list of my favorite TV-series to binge. So, let’s get drinking and binging!

Great TV-Series to Binge (When You’ve Read All the Books in Your Bookshelf)

I’m a big fan of books. No surprise there. But once you have read all the books in your bookshelf (or re-read the best ones 10 times) you can find yourself contemplating how to pass your time. Especially if you are at home feeling sick, stuck in quarantine or just too exhausted to lift a finger. Perhaps there is no sunset to watch, you’re stuck in bad weather or it’s too cold to go outside and do stuff.
Allow me to present to you: Five Awesome TV-Series to Binge! Yup, these are some of my favorites, and yes, I bet that there are probably at least one that you’ll be fond of, too (different genres included here – I’m not a crazy person).

How to Sleep Better

Have you ever been really tired, but unable to fall asleep? Or maybe you have awakened several times during the night, even though you still feel exhausted and really, truly, need those extra hours before getting up? Well, I certainly have. And it sucks.
Here’s a checklist to help you sleep better: