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For as long as I can remeber I’ve loved interacting with people and exploring new places. Wanting to be everything from a pilot, singer, circus artist, author, lawyer, journalist, psychologist to police officer, you can imagine I wouldn’t settle for only one profession as an adult. In my twenties I worked in retail, got a bachelor’s degree in psychology as a behaviorist, built my own business as a photographer and worked in HR. And of course, written How to Find Inspiration!

One thing I have learnt in life is that you can choose your own path and it’s completely fine to not know what you want to do. Trying different things is the best way to know what you like and what you don’t. And if you’ve made a decision on what to do, you can always change your mind and direction. In the end it is your life – no one else’s. And please don’t suppress what you feel passionate about. Those are the things that will make you feel alive, and if you don’t feel alive, what’s the point of life? Create your own path!

Feel free to check out my latest portraits on Instagram at @clundqvistportraits or my adventures at @clundqvistphotography. The official page for this book is, of course, @howtofindinspiration.

If you are a Facebook user you can find me at Charlotte Lundqvist Photography. And then of course there is the other website, clundqvist.com (where I blog and publish the photography related work). 

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How to Have a Healthier Body Image

What are your thoughts on your body? Is the first thing that comes to mind that you like it? Or even love your body?
A poor body image can affect someone in many ways, like work performances, in relationships and even in your overall life. Many times people have specific parts of their bodies that they don’t like, it can be something “small”, like their lips or nose. Or it can be the legs, arms or tummy.
Anyway, the point is not to talk too much about the bad side of this subject. I want to give you ideas on how to get a better body image.
Here are my ideas to feel better about your body:

How to Meditate and Why it Works

What is meditation? You have probably heard of it before but let’s dig into what exactly it is and why it’s such a good idea to do it on a daily basis. Meditation is about training your mind in awareness and attention. It’s about being in control of your thoughts and reactions. In the long run, it will decrease depression, anxiety and increase your brain’s alpha waves, which are associated with relaxation. Therefore, meditation is an excellent stress-reliever, think more clearly and actually train your brain. So what are the effects of meditation?

Why We Buy Stuff We Don’t Need

Haven’t we all, at one time or another, found ourselves looking at a thing that we’ve just bought and found no reason for its existence in our lives?
We don’t always buy things rationally, but what exactly is the reason for this phenomenon?