10 Ideas to Make You Happier – Every Single Day

  1. Hug your loved ones. Hugs are great for our mental health and for the people who care about you as well. If you have a spouse, room-mate, live at home with your parents and/or siblings –hug them more. If you live alone, but have a dog or any other animal, hug it more. It’s said that to get those awesome endorphins going we need to hug for at least seven seconds. But please, do the counting with your inner voice to not creep out the recipient.
  2. Stop “trying“. “Do or do not, there is no try”, said Yoda. Lose the word “try”from your vocabulary and instead, say that you will. You will meet up with your family. You will go to the gym. You will get a new, great job. 
  3. Positively outweigh. Be more positive than negative. Ever heard about the five-to-one-ratio? It’s about needing five positives to neutralize a single negative. Five positive thoughts to counter one negative thought. Five positive compliments to counter that one lousy comment you got from your neighbor. This applies to your own thoughts and language, too, so make sure your spreading more positivity than negativity, both for yourself and others. 
  4. Talk behind people’s backs. But only say good things about them. Those who hear you speak nicely will surely be glad and believe you’re a good friend/family member (which I do believe you truly are). And, if word gets out to the ones you’ve talked about, they will be thrilled to know it and like you even more.
  5. Flip the Monday vs. Friday mentality. You know the thing where so many people hate Mondays and long for the Fridays and the weekend – there is something very messed up about this. Aim to enjoy your week. Or at the very least, decide to learn something new each one. Maybe even try to inspire your co-workers. We spend most of our adult lives at work and if we can’t find joy or some kind of pleasant feeling about it, then what’sthe point? We need to find ways to enjoy our Mondays through Fridays, and if that’s impossible, we need to look elsewhere for work. 
  6. Gratitude lists. Write them. Or happiness lists – what makes you happy, what experiences you’ve loved having, which humans (or non-humans) in your social life brings you joy. You get what I’m going for.
  7. Move on. Don’t overthink. Leave the past in the past, learn from it but don’t dwell. Get over it.
  8. Challenge your critical voice. All the sane people have this critical devil in the back of the mind, telling us when we’ve messed up and trying to make us to feel worse about almost any bad event that have or might have happened. Question its validity. Don’t accept it. Counter with another voice, one that’s your biggest cheerleader. 
  9. Digital detox. Or at the very least, minimize your electronic time. Especially the mindlessly scrolling. 
  10. Reaction. The way we react to events determine how we will feel. React in such way that won’t push you down in to a negative spiral. Know that your reaction is what makes something easier or harder to move on from.

All of this is meant to apply to general life situations. I’m not trying to get anyone suffering from mental illnesses to endure toxic positivity (it’s a thing). 

When we, in day to day-life, try to be more positive, more happy and more thankful, we feel better and live healthier lives. It’s truly amazing how much the mind effects human behavior. 

Do you have other suggestions on how to live life with more happiness? Please share in the comments! 

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