How to Boost Your Mood This Winter

So it’s that time of year. Once again, in the northern parts of the globe the days are short and often dark. Hours of actually recognizing that warm, blinding light from our nearest star are fewer and your body’s lack of vitamin D makes you question all of your life’s decisions that made you end up/stay in this part of the world.

Even though a move to a warmer, sunnier latitude seems like the most sensible decision, there are a few things ideas you can do to make this time of the year more bearable.

  • For me, taking vitamin D supplements daily is a must. Since I live in the north I barely see the sun throughout the winter. The lack of sunlight means I have to take matter into my own hands. I get mine from the nearest pharmacy or order online.
  • Go out more. Not like partying or anything like that, but go out in nature. Preferrably while there’s daylight so you don’t trip over those snow-covered rocks. Breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the natural light is really good for you.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. This means not consuming too much caffeine, alcohol or sugar. Get up with the sunrise (or maybe before that since the sun doesn’t rise before 8 am in Stockholm during the winter, wouldn’t want to miss work, would we?). Also, reduce your exposure to blue light a few hours before bedtime. Yes, that includes the light from your laptop, TV, phone and so on. It will help you fall asleep faster. Make sure you check out my blog post about sleep here!
  • Get some exercise every day. You don’t have to go running or to the gym, a semi-fast walk pace works too. Just get moving for about 20-30 minutes per day. Exercise is a natural mood-booster.

So go ahead and see if it helps. If not, please take me with you when you relocate to the Bahamas. Do you have other ideas to get through winter? Please share in the comments!

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