The Easiest Indoor Plants

Did you just read “The Benefits of Growing Your Own Plants”? Well, if you enjoyed that one, let me present to you some of the easiest, low-maintenance plants to have at home. We all need something to brighten our mood – especially now during the darker months here in the north!

Some plants seem to be really particular of how you treat them. Ever thought they’re trying to mock you? I’ve felt that. Like if I water them on a Tuesday versus a Monday they simply decide they must die. Or you move them a few centimeters in one direction and they let you know how unacceptable that is. Something along those lines, anyway.

Exaggerations aside, it seems like there might be some truth to how plants react when you move them. Of course, a plant that is used to endless amounts of sunlight (and thrive in it) will not be happy when being moved to darkness. Some plants want direct sunlight, some want shade. And some plants are fine with being watered once a week or month, while some are thirsty on a daily basis. This needs to be kept in mind when choosing the right ones for your home. 

I am by no means sponsored by Ikea, but since they have a great selection of plants that are affordable I’ll link to them here. Check out the list of my favorite plants below:

Peace Lilly

This is one of my absolute favorites! The Peace Lilly is easy to take care of and demands little of you and its environment. To thrive, it should be kept in semi-shade (definitely no direct, constant sunlight) and can be watered once a week. If it’s super hot where you live, it needs to be watered more often, but here in the north we only get temperatures above 30 degrees Celcius in the summer, and it’s usually not that hot indoors. Also, this plant will let you know when it’s time to water it by drooping its leaves. 

The Peace Lilly is great at cleansing the air of toxins, so I keep mine in every room in the apartment. And there are several different sizes so you can create a mini-jungle if you’d like (who wouldn’t?!). I also do love the big, white flowers when the plant is well taken care of. 

If you only get one, I suggest keeping it in the bedroom as that is usually the coolest place in your home. And it’s awesome knowing you’ll have a natural air-cleaning service working nonstop while you sleep!

Parlour Palm

This lovely one is super easy to take care of. The lowest temperature it can stand is 12 degrees, but I’m sure it’s at least that in your home. It needs light but prefer to be kept out of direct sunlight. I water mine once every two or three weeks, but like I mentioned before, it all depends on how warm it is indoors. In the summertime, it’s more often than that (like once a week). It’s pretty tolerant of being moved around the home as well, so that’s a bonus point!

Bird of Paradise

Oh, this one is marvelous! I’ve had mine for two years now and it’s just not disappointing me in any way. I had to cut it down once because of the stems growing too tall, but it recovered nicely. The Bird of Paradise need to be kept in a bright and sunny spot and prefers temperatures above 15 degrees. I water mine once every two weeks, except during the hot summer days when it needs once a week. This one can also live outdoors.

Phalaenopsis (orchid)

I do love flowers. No matter how much I enjoy and love my green jungle there is something special about the colorful spots the flowers bring into your home. This orchid is so easy to take care of; it needs a moderate amount of water and should be kept where it’s at least 18 degrees. When you water it, you’re supposed to immersing it into a water-bath. The easiest way to do so is probably in the kitchen sink. I have, however, never watered my flowers in such way and they have survived and thrived for many years anyway. Perhaps they would be even happier if I watered them properly and maybe I’ll start doing so one day. They should be kept in a light area but out of direct sunlight. 

Yucca Elephantipes

Palm trees makes me happy. They make me think about beautiful, warm, tropical places and maybe that’s why I have several Yucca plants in my home. Even better, they are easy to care for. I have mine in a light and bright area, but not in direct sunlight. They look almost as good as the day I bought them, which was almost two years ago now. I water them once every two or three weeks in the wintertime, but a bit more often in the summer. If you get one, make sure you don’t overwater it. That can kill it (speaking from previous experience).

What low-maintenance plant would you recommend? Or which ones are you planning on getting?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear!

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  1. Marvelous post! Very good selection. How big does your bird of paradise get while in a pot? They’re quite large when growing in the ground out here.
    I’d recommend a money tree. Mine is very confusing – it almost seems to do worse after I water it. I once didn’t water it for 6 weeks, and it kept right on being green and happy. There are some days where the blinds are closed and it lives in total darkness. Somehow it survives, and has doubled in height since I got it years ago. Just remember to clean the leaves sometimes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Scott! I still have mine in the original 27cm pot, I accidentally half killed it a while back when it was a heatwave here, so I guess it would have kept growing had I taken better care of it. Cleaning the leaves is so important too, and removing the dead ones.
      Out of all my plants I believe the Peace lillies are the ones growing the most, especially during winter when they don’t seem to mind the lack of sunlight.
      Plants have such strange character! It’s so strange that yours survived for 6 weeks without water and seem to do worse after being watered (although that’s almost the case with my own palm trees!).


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