The Psychology of Positive Experiences

We all know that having positive experiences feels good. Maybe you have even heard that three positive emotional experiences counteract one negative emotional experience? Well, that may not exactly be true, but we do need positive experiences to flourish.

For example, adventure and playfulness can help you to be more competent and stronger, while being curious of the unknown is helpful in expanding your knowledge. By expanding your social contacts, you can develop friendships deeper than you thought possible.

Before I wrote How to Find Inspiration, I began doing just that. I started conversations with strangers I normally wouldn’t have and ended up gaining a close, dear friend. She’s 90 years old but has the mind of a 30-something and I am so grateful for our friendship.

By expanding our horizons in different areas, we are giving ourselves better conditions for our future.

Barbara Fredrickson, a social psychologist based at the University of North Carolina, shared her research stating that relaxation or happiness counteract negative cardiovascular changes produced by stress.

Seeking out positive experiences will help us to live a more social, skilled, healthier and smarter life.

Fredrickson said: “The negative screams at you but the positive only whispers”.

Well, why don’t we try to make the positive louder then?

You can get the e-book of How to Find Inspiration here:

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