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“Search no more, this book is it! When inspiration feels distant and hard to find, the writer kindly invites You to a smorgosbord with 100 ways to 
find a real treasure of inspiration at the end of the rainbow. All of them very practical and hands-on. Proven to work by the writer herself.
    A nonwhimsical book, but still a joy to read and explore. The writer is very personal and her positive attitude is charming and captivating. 
She promises that inspiration always will be there for You. And I believe her. In 100 ways!”

– Jan S

  1. So I’ve read it twice now. This is one of the best books in my selves! It is filled with great advice to get inspiration back or just find new one, and there’s so much humor in it too. I love how it mixes with things you should already have come up with yourself (but probably haven’t) and things you never thought about before reading it. I can’t wait to read whatever you come up with next, Charlotte!
    All the best – Julia

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment, Julia! I’m very glad you found the book useful and could go back to it for more inspiration. I’ll keep the blog and Instagram-page updated for my upcoming adventures!:)
      All the best


  2. This is the best book I’ve read in 2020. It gave me motivation and inspiration to explore previous hobbies which I’ve not bothered continued to do throughout adulthood, until now. And it has changed parts of my life to the better. The author truly makes a case for enjoying the little things in life, and give the reader several aspects to think about and explore. I wish I had read it sooner, even though this is better than later! I reccomend it to anyone who wishes to live life in a fuller way.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Andy! I’m very glad you enjoyed the book and found inspiration to explore your hobbies. It is such an important part of living life more happily. I wish you all the best and a happy new year!


  3. To be honest I have not read such an amazing book earlier that was full of positivity throughout the whole book! It sure is one of my favourite books that I’ve read so far!
    I highly recommend it, it’s inspiring and very honest. It gives you ideas to spend your time more wisely, brings you happiness, laughter and inspires you to your own ideas and make you evolve as a person. Personally I began writing a cookbook after reading How To Find Inspiration, and tried to use my free time to do more things out of it.

    And to my dear friend Charlotte, please do share more of your fantastic work, you are a pure inspiration and a source of happiness! I will always be one of your biggest supporters and believe in you! ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Rema! Your kind words make me so happy and I’m very glad you found new inspiration to create a cookbook! I will absolutely continue to write and try to bring more inspiration to more people. Take care! ❤


  4. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but that means they have not come across this book yet!
    This book is exactly what the cover says, and more. The book pleasantly provides the reader with fun and easy-to-do ideas in order to find inspiration, mixed with amazing pictures and wonderfull quotes. Being the kind of person who lacks a bit of inspiration every now and then (who doesn’t?), I found this book to be exactly what I needed. You don’t have to read the book page to page, but rather i found it to be the perfect go-to source of inspiration when needed! Every idea is individually presented (of course with a register of them all at the beginning of the book) meaning you don’t need to go through the entire book to get your inspiration going, one single page at the time might be just enough.
    I highly recommend you get a hold of this book no matter what you do for a living or where you are in life, as inspiration and motivation is something we all need every now and then, right? And I mean, to have a source of inspiration like this available at all times for a price like this is just a bargain you should make sure you give yourself, and maybe others around you as well! My experience is that it is a highly appreciated gift for most occasions – who doesn’t like that awsome feeling of glowing inspiration flowing through your veins? Kudos to the author, who I assume did not have any problems finding the inspiration needed to write this book!

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    1. Thank you so much Christoffer! I’m very glad you enjoyed it and found it useful. I hope it will continue to be helpful in the future for you!
      All the best,


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