List of Awesome Websites

Ever felt the need for a website specialized in how many privacy infringing functions a website uses? Or watching every single plane that is in the air at any given moment? Perhaps you have wondered if there is such website that tells you if two different materials can be glued together?

Well, the internet have some true information-goldmines. But do know that there is almost never such a thing as “free”. Companies collect your information to personalize ads or work in other ways to stay “free”. Well, if you want to know before checking any of the websites listed below, you could start with The Markup Blacklight to see what the websites collect. Unless you use VPN while browsing it’s pretty safe to say that you don’t have that much privacy.

Anyway, I guess we all will keep using the internet for now so why not have a bit of fun? Here’s a list of some random, but possibly needed knowledge-inducing websites. Enjoy!

Stocktwits  – The largest social network for traders and investors. You can see real-time stock prices as well as the before and after market prices.

Coursera and edX – Free educational content in as many different genres you could possibly think of.

Psychology Today  – Easy to read, psychology-related articles.

Flightradar24 – Shows an interactive map of every single plane in the air, anywhere in the world.

Archive – Free downloads for music, books, movies, software and games.

Wayback Machine – Archive of many billions of webpages from many years ago

Duolingo – Learn new languages for free.

Supercook or My Fridge Food or – Enter the ingredients you got at home and you’ll get a recipe for said ingredients.

Radiooooo – Lets you pick the country and decade to enjoy the music from that era.

This to that  – Tells you how to glue two things together

Rhyme Zone  – Type in a word and you’ll get words that rhyme with it.

Future Me  – Send emails to the future you.

Lightning Maps – Live updates of where lightning strikes in the world.

A Soft Murmur  – Lets you play calming background noises.

Worn on TV – Search for what the actors and actreses wear on tv shows.

The Markup Blacklight  Check how many privacy infringing function a website utilizes before you visit it. Be horrified at how many websites collects your information.

There you go! I’ll keep you updated with new inspirational websites I come across, so make sure you subscribe to the blog. And do let me know if you have any inspirational website suggestions in the comments!

  1. Great information here. Had no idea my local newssite collected to much information about me (checked the Blacklight). Makes you wonder how much data there is out there.

    Liked by 1 person

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