Fun Christmas Facts

It’s that time of the year! Either you get sparkles in your eyes from all the glitter and lights, or you get moody from all the “musts”.

Whatever you feel about Christmas, we could all use some cheering up right about now, so let me present to you some fun facts about Christmas!

  • Santa’s clothes have not always been red. Through the years, it could be in several different colors and modifications. It’s believed that the current outfit was created for an ad for Coca-Cola, and since have been adapted as the Santa-version we now see worldwide.

  • The most popular Christmas movie of all times is Home Alone. Did you know that the entire interior of the house was built inside of a high school gym? That’s because they couldn’t fit everyone in the crew inside the actual house.

  • Because of the aid that Norway got from England during World War 2, Norway donates the Christmas tree that can be seen on Trafalgar Square each year as a thank you.
  • In the USA, each of the states grow Christmas trees. Even Hawaii and Florida.

  • A Christmas Carol took approximately six weeks for Charles Dickens to write.

  • The earliest decorations for Christmas trees were apples, which are said to have inspired the round-shaped ornaments we now most commonly use.

  • The needles on Christmas tress contain vitamin C.

  • In Ukraine, it’s common to include a fake spider and spider web in the Christmas tree as it is believed that finding spider web on Christmas morning brings luck.

  • The make-up Jim Carrey wore for the Grinch took three hours each day to put on.

  • In Iceland, locals celebrate Christmas Eve by doing something called The Christmas Book Flood; it’s about swapping books with each other and then go home, eat lots of chocolate and read for the rest of the evening.

  • On average, it takes 5-6 years for a Christmas tree to be fully grown, but in some cases, it can take as much as over 10 years!

  • There are two islands in the world known as Christmas island, one in the Indian Ocean, the other in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Canada is the world’s greatest exporter of Christmas trees. They export 3 to 6 million of these trees each year.

  • Santa Claus have many different names. Here in Sweden we call him “jultomten” (roughly translated to “the Christmas gnome”). In France, he’s called Pere Noel, Kriss Kringle in Germany and Le Befana in Italy. What is he called in your country?

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  1. I’d love to got o either one of the Christmas islands right about now, hopefully the pandemic will be over soon so we can travel again. Take care!

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